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What we do

We  focus on strategic leadership beginning with strategic thinking. We believe changing organizational culture and/or strategic direction requires foresight and top-notch communication both internally and externally. Our cutting-edge approach combines Strategic Foresight, Leadership Development, and Coaching for nearly every service provided.


Understand the future by anticipating trends and leveraging the past, present, and future for your organization as part of the strategic process.


Expand your leadership’ capacity to be both efficient and effective, creating alignment in times of uncertainty through training. Subjects include, but are not limited to communication, personal development, board governance, and Dr. Cress' key training, "Moving Faith Forward.


Market research is conducted directly with current and potential clients. Therefore, clients get opinions and feedback about customer interests in new products, services, or areas of ministry before investing in innovative ideas.


Because the foundation of every organization is communication, effective communication is one of our key foci. Consequently, we provide training for the exchange of thoughts, information, ideas, and messages between people or groups in all forms of communication – written, verbal, and visual.


Winston Churchill once advised, "never waste a crisis" (read article). Hence, our conflict management helps limit the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. 


According to Dr. Edgar Schein, "organizational culture refers to the values and beliefs of an organization" (read articlehere). So, we evaluate, plan, and and set up action steps for organizational culture change, which frequently includes structural change.

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